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Refinish or Replace... Now you have a choice. Rather than throw out that pink bathtub or replace your dated kitchen countertop, consider having them refinished. In just a few hours we can transform your kitchen or bathroom to look like new at a fraction of the cost to replace. Call today for a free estimate...425 373-1750
American Bath & Kitchen Refinishers Inc...    425 373-1750

Transform your kitchen or bathroom

in one day with money left over... i
Since 1984 American Bath & Kitchen Refinishers has been refinishing homes, apartments, condominiums and upscale hotels. To date, we have refinished over 42,000 bathtubs. We have never met a bathtub we couldn't make beautiful. Our refinishing products are from NAPCOltd, a leading manufacturer of refinishing products. NAPCO Inc. is the leading manufacturer of bathtub, tile, countertop and kitchen cabinet refinishing paints and coatings. Their premium acrylic urethanes and adhesive coatings are used for residential, commercial and industrial painting applications worldwide.
Our special process allows us to refinish a bathtub in about 4 hours. The best part, the finish dries overnight and you will be able to use the bathtub/shower the next morning. If you have a cast iron bathtub in your bathroom, you have a valuable fixture. These older tubs retain heat better than newer metal or fiberglass units. This means that the hot water remains hotter and longer than newer bathtubs. No matter how bad the surface, we can make it look like new in just four hours.