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Refinish - don't replace! Are your kitchen countertops looking bored? Are there burn marks in the formica? Tile looking a little dated? You now have some inexpensive options. Refinishing a countertop involves applying a very durable acrylic texture to the countertop. That finish is followed by a clear coat of laquer to seal in the finish. With our colorful range of "Flintstone" textures, we can transform kitchen or bathroom countertops in a few hours.
WHY REFINISH Countertop refinishing is a cost effective way to update your kitchen or bathroom. The process is quick compared to removing your existing countertops and sinks. The cost is less than a third the cost of a new laminate or acrylic surface. For rental units, a refinished countertop can be repaired; something that cannot be done on a laminate (formica) surface. A refinished countertop should last between 10 - 15 years with minimal care.
Process: Ceramic Tile: First we remove any caulking around the tile. Next, we fill in any voids in the grout and repair minor chips and cracks in the tile. .....The tile is then thoroughly cleaned and the surrounding walls masked. A wipe-on bonding agent is applied to the entire surface. .....And finally, the surface is sprayed with a two-part epoxy prime coat. When that dries we spray on the Flintstone texture. The texture covers the tile and the grout. The entire surface is sealed with a laquer clear coat. The clear coat dries very quickly, but it is best to wait until the following morning before using the countertop. Laminate : Since the laminate is more like fiberglass, there are a few differences in the preparation. .....Small cracks can be fixed the same visit. Larger cracks (4" or larger) may require an extra step to apply glass cloth and resin to the damaged area. .....The next step is to thoroughly sand the entire area. This part of the process eliminates the need to apply a bonding agent. .....The masking, priming and topcoat application is the same as for ceramic tile.
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