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In less than four hours we can transform your old or scratched or green or pink bathtub into a beautiful, shiny fixture. If done correctly, you should expect the finish to last between 10 - 15 years. The process is straight forward, but thorough. We first start by masking off everything in your bathroom. The bathroom door is sealed off and a large exhaust fan installed to reduce odors and overspray. The old caulking is then removed, and the bathtub cleaned with special cleaning agents. If there are any chips or scratches, they are filled in at this point in the process.

Bathtub Refinishing

Next we apply a bonding agent that allows the topcoat to adhere to the surface. Without this bonding agent, or similar, It would be like painting on glass. The paint simply won't stick. This is why the do-it-yourself kits fail soon after. We then apply the urethane topcoat. This gets sprayed on with a HVLP gun. After 3-4 coats, the result is a durable, glossy finish as if the bathtub was new. The caulking is replaced and the bathtub can be used the following morning. .
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