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We now offer two different solutions for bathtub surrounds

This same refinishing process can be used over tile and laminate (formica) surfaces. In addition to our standard solid colors, we offer 4 different colors in out Stone- fleck materials. Ceramic Tile: First we remove any caulking around the tile. Next, we fill in any voids in the grout and repair minor chips and cracks in the tile. .....The tile is then thoroughly cleaned and the surrounding walls masked. A wipe-on bonding agent is applied to the entire surface. .....And finally, the surface is sprayed with a two-part epoxy prime coat and a two-part acrylic urethane topcoat. .....The surface will dry in a few hours and can be used the next day. Laminate surround: Since the laminate is more like fiberglass, there are a few differences in the preparation. .....Small cracks can be fixed the same visit. Larger cracks (4" or larger) may require an extra step to apply glass cloth and resin to the damaged area. .....The next step is to thoroughly sand the entire area. This part of the process eliminates the need to apply a bonding agent. .....The masking, priming and topcoat application is the same as for ceramic tile.
Are you looking for a low cost alternative for your bathtub surround? Consider using laminates. They are pretty durable, waterproof and scratch resistant. There are almost limitless colors, patterns and even textures. Other benefits include: ..... Water-proof one piece seamless construction. ..... 100's of colors and patterns (can provide counter tops to match). ..... Incredibly durable (last in excess of 20 years). ......Easy to clean, easy to maintain. ..... Laminate is physically stronger than both tile and acrylic. ......Laminate and enamel tubs will stand up to improper cleaning practices, better than acrylic products. The installation process is very straightforward. First, the surrounding walls need to be properly prepared. We usually install 1/2" "greenboard." There are more durable products, such as cement board, but they are really not necessary, and cost more. Next we take a field measurement to obtain the proper dimensions at the top and bottom of the surround. The actual surround is made from a single sheet (5x10 or 5x12) of laminate. Large benders are used to bend the two corners in the laminate. It is then fitted at the job site and glued in place. The entire process takes about 2 hours and can be used the next day.



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